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At Mendoza's Mexican Market, we offer to our customers products imported from Mexico, fresh and of the best quality. The variety of products is extensive, from the ingredients to make the Mexican dishes with the authentic Mexican flavor, to the kitchen items to prepare the famous Mexican tortillas, a delicious pot coffee, a sparkling and hot chocolate, atole or champurrado. We also offer a variety of homemade food and Mexican snacks so you do not worry about cooking, we do it for you.

If you have a special event and would like to spoil your guests with Mexican food, do not worry anymore, we'll take care of your banquet. For more information, do not hesitate and contact us !

Comida Casera

Homemade food/Antojitos Mexicanos

Chile Stuffed

Chile stuffed (cheese or meat) weathered, in a tomato broth.


Huarache of meat with fresh cheese

Huarache de Nopal

Vegetarian. With cotija cheese, pico de gallo and pinto beans.

Grilled Beef Plate

Grilled meat of beef accompanied by beans and rice

Chiken in Mole

Pieces of chicken in authentic Mexican mole.

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Items and ingredients to elaborate your favorite dishes.


The grasshopper is a food that contains high amounts of proteins and nutrients essential for the human body.


The fruit that is given in the nopal that is of sour taste and that is used in the preparation of different foods.


It is a plant, up to 2 m high, with green edible inflorescences that are used to prepare various stews.


The pápalo or pápaloquelite, is a herbaceous plant native to Mexico, Central and South America, its leaves are similar to the wings of a butterfly, hence its name, because in Nahuatl papalotl means "butterfly" and quilitl "edible grass."


The purslane is a plant that is considered superfood because it has different properties that benefit the body at the time of consumption

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