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   In our Mendoza family we have, for generations, from the grandparents to be exact, the taste and the ability to trade.


   Our mother, was the person who had the most influence in me, since to be financially independent, she had the idea of starting with a small store, or grocery store. In Mexico this kind of stores, which are the little shops installed in a family house, are colloquially known as: "the little store on the corner" or "on the block".


   And from that moment, it instills in me the value of service, work, struggle and enthusiasm to achieve the proposed goals, since this "little store" was just the beginning.

Local Mendozas Mercado

  This is how we, Sonia and Carlos, start this new project, which opens its doors in 2011, in the city of Seattle, WA.

   It has been a great challenge, and during the first years we have had to overcome many obstacles, and thanks to the optimism, union, confidence that we have in ourselves and to be perseverant, the hard work has had its fruits, since in addition to having clients loyal and recurrent, articles about the store have been written in recognized magazines in the state of Washington, as well as reviews in online magazines.

   In addition, that Mendoza's Mexican Mercado has appeared in the magazines mentioned above, there have also been different personalities to film and show with images what we offer and what customers can find, here we share some of them.

We invite you to subscribe to our Youtube channel Mendoza's Mercado

   This type of events, coming out in magazines and videos, which has filled us with satisfaction, indicates that we are on the right path; that the effort is being rewarded and this motivates us to keep improving day by day, in our commitment to customer service and offering products made with quality.

   At Mendoza's Mexican Mercado, all lovers of Mexican cuisine have the perfect place to find fresh, authentic and quality products, to prepare delicious Mexican dishes, as well as, you can find a variety of products prepared by ourselves, such as: sauces, corn tortillas, tamales, champurrado, cactus salad, etc.


   When visiting our store you not only enter a place where good products and delicious homemade food are offered, but you will also be greeted with a smile and attended with kindness and enthusiasm, which will make you feel at home


   At Mendoza's Mexican Mercado we offer

   Pamper  to your palate with homemade food and stews made with the authentic flavor of Mexico.

  Taste  delicious homemade food that is served hot and straight to your plate, accompanied by freshly made corn tortillas.

  Friendly Service  and always thinking about our customers, making it easier for them to decide when to choose what to eat. 

If you can not come Do not worry!

We have home delivery. (See here)

  Commitment  with our clients to give them the best service they deserve and the quality products they require.

We invite you to know what our clients say, which we greatly appreciate if you let us know

your comments because it helps us to improve. (Click on the images)

  Gratitude!  We thank all our customers for their comments, preference and confidence.

If you have not had the opportunity yet to meet us, we are waiting for you ...  Come and Visit us  


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